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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

October 10, 2004

Dear Friends, Comrades, Supporters:

Sorry I haven't been faithful to the Blog but the onslaught of the government has kept us busy at the barricades (2004 style). In the four month smear, they have presented Bin Laden on video and in translation by NY Times reporter Judith Miller (herself now in the clutches of persecutor US attorney Pat Fitzgerald in connection with the White House outing of the CIA agent wife). We have also had endless newspaper articles found in FILES in my office, found in my co-defendant's study where he was preparing his dissertation and in the garage of my other co-defendant.

On the final day of the trial and "faithfully" reported by all the media they played a conversation between Sattar and a Reuters reporter on September 24,2001. In this, she asks him about a "link" between Bin Laden and my client, Sheik Omar. A french reporter, interviewed Bin Laden(when? where? How? who?) and was told that he was influenced by Sheik Omar's words in 1996, THEREFORE... The Judge dutifully and dully repeated the admonition to the JUry, "Bin Laden is not part of this case. He is not a co-conspirator. This is not offered for the truth". Supporters in the audience have been wondering so why is the jury hearing this at all???? There is an answer to that question and it's the same answer to why we are in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Following this scurrilous presentation--and these young prosecutors were all but high fiving each other, Tigar (the great) made argument to dismiss all the charges--read it on the web site. It lifted all our bruised spirits and got us ready for this week to come!

Now, on Wednesday, October 13, I will take the witness stand. Tigar and I will have discourse on my life and lawyering and the Sheik's. case. I will be there for probably a week at least. They will be ugly on cross examination...but untutored. I have the WILL to do this but I need endurance and stamina. Part of that will be supplied (no pun) by the people in the audience ...fellow stugglers for decades, new believers, friends dating from elementary and high school, my beloved family meaning Ralph, children, sister, grandchildren (12 going on 13). All who see my fight as their fight--standing on the brink of disaster in this USA and no way to go but forward to victory.

Thanks -- too weak a word--for all the heartfelt greetings. I went to the YMHA in Manhattan to hear Adrienne Rich read her poetry ... these are things that sustain me and my optimistic view that there can be a world of difference and diversity where the poets (and lawyers!) are not the warriors. Keep me in your thoughts and hearts

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